Menu(Tax not included.)

Ebiten hitsumabushi (Boiled rice in broth topped with Shrimp tempura hitsumabushi) ¥2,500
Anagoten Hitsumabushi (Boiled rice in broth topped with Anago (conger eel) tempura) ¥2,100
Jo Ebi Tendon (Deluxe shrimp tempura rice bowl) ¥1,800
Jo Tempura Teishoku (Tempura set meal) ¥1,770
Tempura Teishoku (Tempura set meal) ¥1,100
Jo Tendon (a bowl of rice topped with Tempura) ¥1,570
Tendon (a bowl of rice topped with Tempura) ¥950
Tempura dashi-chazuke (Boiled rice in broth topped with tempura) ¥850
Tamago Tendon (Tempura rice bowl with egg) ¥500

Tempura a la carte(Tax not included.)


Eggplant Kidney bean
Garland chrysanthemum Lotus root
Mushroom Leek
Shishito pepper Carrot


Big-eyed flat-head
Japanese clam
Small scallop

Special tempura

Kakiage (mixed vegetables and seafood tempura) ¥1,000
Anago (conger eel) ¥1,800

Assorted tempura

Assorted tempura (3 kinds) ¥800
Assorted tempura (5 kinds) ¥1,200

Chef’s choice

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Tempura Yasuda
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